Ayurvedisk oljemassage för dig.




Ayurvedisk massage

Kroppen är själens farkost och det fordon vi upplever vårt liv igenom.


Ayurveda lär oss hur dagliga kroppsliga, själsliga och yogiska rutiner kan förbättra vår hälsa och ge större känsla av mening åt våra liv.


Ayurvedisk massage är en sådan rutin.



Abhyanga Massage


Abhyanga is described in both the Caraka (CS Su V/80-92) and Sushruta Samhitas (SS Ci XXIV/22-35) as one of the 24 pravicarana (i.e. methods) of achieving the state of proper snehana (oiliness).


The word abhyanga is derived from the Sanskrit root ang meaning movement or motion and the prefix >I>abhi meaning different, against, or contrary. Thus abhyanga denotes a massage involving motions in different directions. Specifically, abhyanga includes strokes both in the same direction and in opposite direction to the direction of the body hairs.


The importance of daily abhyanga is illustrated metaphorically in the Caraka Samhita (CS Su V/89) the human body is compared to a piece of leather or a wooden wheel axis which becomes stronger and resistant to wear and tear by the application of oil.

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